Why Bejeweler Pro?

Bejeweler Pro Hotfix Applicator is the original hotfix applicator invented by Swarovski & manufatured by Creative Crystal for hotfix rhinestones. The patented handle design is truly ergonomic, which provides the utmost comfort for precision placement of hotfix crystals. The highly precise tip will pick up and apply any Swarovski and Preciosa hotfix crystals seamlessly.

Without any doubt, Bejeweler Pro is the best hotfix tool on earth!

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Bejeweler ProBejeweler Pro Hotfix Applicator is manufactured by CreativeCrystal, a Florida, USA based company. If you are in Malaysia, it will be too costly & give a lot of hassles to import directly from them. It will take a long time to reach you too.

For Malaysian user, the easiest and convenient way to get Bejeweler Pro Hotfix Applicator is through a secure online store like Zianit Crystal. They have the applicator stock ready to ship to you as soon as an order is made. As the applicator uses US plug, they give a plug adapter FREE of charges. The best thing is they ship it to you FREE of charges throughout Malaysia.

Any order will reach you within 1 to 2 working days, and you can start to make your creative works in no time!